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              Zhejiang Haoxing (hangrui) Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


              Company Culture

              Enterprise tenet: Win-win
              Corporate mission: Serve customers, serve the society, and promote industrial development
              Enterprise development goal: to become an excellent supplier
              The core values of the enterprise: Lead the technological trend and create product value.
              Entrepreneurial spirit: integrity, harmony, due diligence and responsibility; study, innovation and common development.
              Enterprise service tenet: Taking "reciprocity, mutual benefit, and integrity development" as the tenet, correct service attitude, increase service range, improve service quality, provide users with various technical services, help users choose and use products correctly, and eliminate users in time Troubles and trouble-shooting during product use. At the same time, we have extensively collected various problems, opinions and attention information in after-sales service, continuously improve and improve the quality of our design, manufacturing and service, and provide users with better quality and applicable products and perfect services.

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